Startup businesses have many financial, operational, and legal needs. From the moment you make plans to start the business to the day the doors open, you have a lot to do. Many savvy entrepreneurs become acutely aware that the legal groundwork of a business is one important piece of the overall puzzle; it is one of the most crucial parts to correctly establish early on.

Getting Started

A good Minnesota emerging business attorney will help you with everything from business formation and review of your lease agreement to drafting Employment Contracts and Service Agreements that will protect your long-term interests.

In the business formation phase, you will need help establishing the legal structure for your business, which generally may be either a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. Each is taxed differently, has different rules and requirements, is incorporated in a unique way, and has varying degrees of ownership flexibility (just to name a few items). Legal counsel can discuss these options and what is in your best interest so that you make the right decisions.

Contact a Minnesota Emerging Business Attorney

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC has an extensive history of helping emerging businesses in Minnesota get off on the right foot. We help you take on the legal elements of your business creation and can provide credibility by working as your outside, in-house counsel. We provide you with on-demand advice when you need it as well as other services such as contract negotiation, contract review, transaction support, and more. We have assisted over 100 companies by helping them make the best decisions early on, decisions which ultimately saved many of them time, money, and heartache. In short, we work hard to help you run your business in a way that is compliant and informed. Contact us for a free consultation.