The life of a Corporation begins when its Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Office of the Secretary of State. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed before filing the articles of incorporation including internal and external formalities. It is important to correctly establish your business, discuss these formalities, and draft documentation at the beginning of your business’s formation in order to protect the business from potential costly disputes and liabilities. Experienced legal counsel can help you with all the activities involved in forming your business and explore all available routes to establishing a business in Minnesota. Consider the many activities necessary to start a corporation:

  • Filing Articles of Incorporation and other tax documents
  • Filing for Foreign Corporation Status in other states in which you may do business
  • Filing for federal trademarks and other intellectual property protections
  • Drafting Corporate By-laws for the maintenance of the corporation by a board of directors and other company officers
  • Writing meeting notices, official actions, and more to comply with corporate formalities.
  • Entering into contracts, appropriately, on behalf of the Corporation.

Contact a Minnesota Corporate Formation Attorney

When forming a Corporation, there are a number of crucial steps in the beginning. Because of the daunting nature of ensuring the law is followed and all documentation is filled out properly, turn to experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel for help. Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC has helped dozens of companies incorporate in Minnesota, often acting as outside, in-house counsel at flat rates. Many of our clients reside in Minneapolis-St. Paul area. If you are considering incorporation, contact us for a free consultation.