Sometimes for a business to survive, it has to change; this is often accomplished through restructuring, which may involve bringing on new partners or letting go of existing ones as well as shifting the legal structure of the business. Whatever the need for your business, Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC has helped clients like you smoothly and legally restructure their businesses.

Most commonly, restructuring involves refinancing, sales of assets, revising operations, reorganizing business functions, renegotiating contracts, and modifying ownership and shares. Legal expertise is needed, especially in the following instances:

  • When renegotiating any agreements or contracts including existing contracts.
  • When buying or selling assets and refinancing debt and equity.
  • When changing ownership makeup. For example, partnerships may want to bring on new partners or remove existing ones, which can be accomplished through a buyout.
  • When changing the legal structure of the entity to one of the four major types: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company.

Legal counsel will ensure that the necessary measures are taken to restructure your business in the most appropriate and legal ways, while ensuring your refurbished business is poised for better financial success or a more robust competitive stance.

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