Sometimes, an existing business requires an outside look or expert assistance to make recommendations for a company’s improvement or perform work that requires highly specialized training. In such cases, a consultant is usually hired to spot things that the business owners cannot see or accomplish tasks that the business owners or employees cannot already do on their own. While consulting services are very valuable, it is in your best interest to establish a written Consulting Agreement to ensure the services are delivered as promised.

Consulting Agreement Terms

There are many common terms your Consulting Agreements attorney will include in a Consulting Agreement to protect your interests:

  • Confidentiality
  • Work for hire and related issues
  • Conflict of interest
  • The scope of the work, such as the services being provided and the time period
  • Standard of Conduct
  • Whether or not the use of outside services by the consultant is permitted •
  • Whether or not written reports are required
  • Compensation amount and how it is paid
  • Ownership of work and products
  • Rights and data
  • Right to injunctive relief
  • General provisions, such as governing law, dispute resolution, and waiver of breach

The type of consultant you are working with as well as your business type will determine which terms are applicable in a Consulting Agreement. A solid agreement is very important to ensure you do not experience setbacks with the consulting work during or after its completion.

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC has helped businesses draft strong Consulting Agreements that cover every angle and place our clients in the best position for holding contractors accountable to expected results. Collaboration with an attorney is helpful for identifying priorities between you and consultants to ensure expectations are met.

Contact a Minnesota Consulting Agreement Attorney

If you currently work with consultants, are getting ready to, or you want to utilize consultants in the future, having a Consulting Agreement in place will protect your interests. Furthermore, we also work with consultants to negotiate their agreements. Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC can help you with such agreements. By shielding yourself against liabilities that can come about from such business relationships, you will be keeping yourself away from costly litigation and will be more likely to benefit from the consulting relationship. Contact us for a free consultation.